Florapolis is a very colorful town full of flowers to the north of Sanrio Harbour. Players will be sent here by Tuxedo Sam after they have completed all the quests in Sanrio Harbour - generally around level 7.

In Florapolis you can visit and try out your farm for the first time, doing some farming after talking to Peter Davis. You will also get your first tools for woodcutting and gathering here as well as learn how to grow plants, go mining/digging, sew your first clothes and "forge" (= make wands and tools).

Be careful not to wander out of town to the west to East Florapolis Valley and encounter Squeets or Jellyhounds without being properly prepared first! Better first complete quests inside of Florapolis and to the northeast (South Dream Forest).

HKO map02 Florapolis labeled


There may also be other NPCs on this map in time of events

  • Party Master (will trade your collected event-items for stuff like event-outfits, seeds, guides and so on)
  • Love Bug when it's Valentine's Day
  • Santa and also Mr. Jinch at Christmas Times
  • Chococat may also be present at times
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none, since Florapolis is a city


none, since Florapolis is a city

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Even if Pata Pata Peppy will ask you for 20 grains early in Florapolis, you'd better leave this quest for later; until you are "strong enough" (by wearing better equipment) to encounter creatures of level 10 (Brambles and Leaftails). Also you will need tools of (at least) level 5 to get the grains!

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