Explanatory note: This creature is not the same in the game HKO as of 2011 anymore. This entry describes a Beta-creature of 2008.

Moths have been renamed to Dustflys before the release of the game in 2009 and will drop different stuff now in 2011.

All content that might not be be suitable or just too sad for children has been removed from HKO before release in 2009; including death of pets, creatures, NPCs and your own character. You cannot kill creatures virtually ingame in HKO anymore but can only put them to sleep for a while. So they also won't drop body-parts like wings anymore after being defeated but stuff like "fury", "growl", "treasure", "feather" or "powder" and such instead.

A Moth
Moth are one of the creatures of Hello Kitty Online. Its a level 8 and they can be found in

Level: 8 (or 9?)