Explanatory note: This quest is not in the game HKO as of 2011 anymore. This entry describes a Beta-quest of 2008.

There are similar quests in the HKO of 2011, but basils aren't described as being a problem anymore. Hana is now called Usahana and gives out different quests from 2008.

Start NPC: Hana, Lake

DescriBold textption: Hana wants to know if the new creatures appearing in Sanrio Land are changing the plants’ structures. Walk along the lake side and you will see basil growing rampant. Take 30 of them to Hana to study.


  • 500 HKO experience
  • 20 Sanrio Harbour friendship
  • 15 money

Previous Quest: Unknown words

Next Quest: Scarce means precious

Walkthrough: Give Hana 30 unknown leaves. These can be obtained by harvesting the dark opal basil around the lake or bought/traded.