Explanatory note: This quest is not in the game HKO as of 2011 anymore. This entry describes a Beta-quest of 2008.

Latte has been taken out of the game before the release of HKO in 2009. You also cannot kill spiders (now called Webleys) anymore in HKO. All content that might not be be suitable or just too sad for children has been removed from HKO before release in 2009; including death of pets, creatures, NPCs and your own character.

Start NPC: Latte

Description: Latte wants you to help him again. Go to the West or East Dream Forest and you will find a number of spiders. Get 20 Cobwebs and 20 thick cobwebs.


  • 1000 HKO experience
  • 100 Florapolis friendship
  • 50 money
  • Hunter pants

Previous Quest: Road cleaning

Next Quest:

Walkthrough: Collect 20 cobweb and 20 thick cobweb from Spiders in the West Dream Forest or the East Dream Forest.